The end of week 70 draws to a close in Korea. Which, yes, does mean that I have enough free time  in my work days to calculate how long I’ve been here. Speaking tests have just finished so another 1000 nervous children have passed before my eyes – gradually blurring into one image as I jot down scores.

One student stood out from the crowd for requesting an extra question after having already completed the test as she didn’t get the one that she’d prepared her favourite answer for. This was the image, and the question was: “Look at this sign, can you explain what it means?”


To which she replied,

Sure, it means be careful there may be dangerous people around trying to kidnap your children.

I’d have given her full marks.

I’ve been trying to get out on my bike a bit more after work to give my legs a bit of a rest from running impacts. After some teething problems of being stung by bugs that flew down my shirt or coughing up foul water as I didn’t clean my hydration pack properly – I finally got out for a nice ride out to the arc and back – a 44 km round trip. Despite the strong winds and ominous looking clouds I got home dry and demolished a bowl full of pasta.

Last weekend was a scorcher out in Pohang for a hat frisbee tournament. A much more chilled competition where teams are just released the night before and you play with a lot of people you’ve never played with. We had a great tournament; I got to handle a lot and we played some fast frisbee, with our team gelling pretty well. We ended up getting to the final and losing by a single point.

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Tonight I’m heading off Tongyeong for a weekend away of islands and hiking. The forecast looks perfect for it, so hopefully I’ll have some beautiful shots to share with you next week.