It’s currently monsoon season here in Korea which is playing havoc with plans whilst producing awesome moody skies like the picture above.

When it’s not down-pouring the heat is at Dafrica levels – today peaking at 36 degrees – leaving me looking like I’ve emerged from a swimming pool when I try doing any type of exercise.

We had a club frisbee tournament a couple of weekends ago, which also left us looking like we’d been swimming, but this time due to the intense rain on the Sunday. It was an okay tournament, we went unbeaten up until the final, but then lost it pretty convincingly with not our best performance. The third picture sums up who I felt I played in it – always a step behind where I needed to be.

A lot of love in the team though, even when we’re not at our best. Probably summed up by an activities evening a week later in Daegu after weather cancelled a camping trip, and instead we had games, bbq, makgeolli , karaoke and terrible dancing until the sun was up the next day. I, typically, didn’t really take and photos at all – just one of the drinks menu as I was excited it said Boom on it, but it was one of my favorite nights out recently.

School wise, we are in the most pointless part of the term, post-exams, where students just go from class to class watching different movies until they can leave again. I still go with my principals of no movies for my first graders, but with the third graders I’ve relented to letting them watch ‘I am Legend’ as there’s zero chance I’m holding their attention. One week left until school ends and then it’s summer camp for a couple of days and then finally my vacation!