It’s my favourite Korean festival of the year! Daegu’s own Chimek festival. Another year of cheap beers and lots of chicken in the blistering summer heat and humidity. I made it three times this summer, the opening two day’s humidity just being too much for me to want to leave my apartment. But I went for the full weekend – sampling far too much of the improved range of craft beers – enough from one stall to earn myself a free t-shirt.

In the afternoon we watched the cringey bartender of the year – with many bottles and glasses flying about the place – unfortunately not always back into the hands of the bartenders leading to some funny looking cocktails that were basically a glass of grenadine as they’d spilt all the spirits.

The evenings had the usual K-Pop and Korean rap of whom I have no idea who they are, but they were entertaining and apparently some of them pretty famous. I did pretty well on the raffles winning a  half price chicken set and several free beers.

Once you’re done with being sweaty and surrounded by crowds you can head out to the amphitheatre hill area and chill on the grass with of course more beer.

I sandwiched all of my beer festival drinking with 2 days of the most intense frisbee practice I’ve had. 9 hours in total in the peak of the heat, sports wear drenched as if I’m straight climbing out a pool, and constant drills/training points. It was a lot of fun, but exhausting, and my Monday morning desk-warming was very much a recuperating effort.