This year’s end of term camp was earth and space themed. I choose my themes based on how many arts and crafts activities I can loosely base on it – taking very much the stance of associating fun with being in an English environment as opposed to actively learning a ton. Korean students study way too much anyway.

For ‘earth’ we learnt some of the basics about volcanos before getting down to the students building their own paper mache ones from a coke bottle and card board. This was a two day activity, first of building them then painting and setting off. Despite the activities being fairly childish for 12-15 year olds the students seemed to love them and hadn’t done the volcanos before.

When it came to setting them off it didn’t take the kids long to realise that they could drink what was left of the coke from the volcanos despite it being disgusting and warm.

I had two activities for space. First making tube space rockets and then creating ice cream. The space rockets had been a bit of a hassle, I’d wanted to do water rockets, but the kits I’d received were over complicated and not really very fun to build. Thankfully the science department stepped in with a replacement activity I could do and we had a plethora of rockets built and entered into an air rocket firing competition.

My favourite activity of the two days was ice-cream making. I was a bit worried about it beforehand, not entirely convinced how well it would work and thinking I could have classroom covered in milk and ice. To make ice-cream you basically shake milk, cream and flavouring in a bag surrounded by another bag of ice and salt. I doubled bagged everything to try and ensure no spillage and watching the kids having to try keep shaking for 10 minutes was pretty hilarious.

The results were a lot better than I expected. A few kids had complete slushy ice-cream which didn’t seem to bother them, but some had perfect ice cream as if it were from a tub.

I had my super strict co-teacher helping out on day two – which was fantastic for clear up. Normally it’s too much effort to militarise a proper clean and I just spend the afternoon doing most of it myself. Whereas my CT on day two had the kids making sure everything was shiny before they were allowed to go and start their vacations!

So my classroom is all ready for when I return to start my final term of teaching. Something that I don’t want to think about at all right now with my holiday starting later today.