Daegu is losing its summers shine, the weather this morning nearly merited a jumper on the walk into work. Within a few weeks it will be icy cold and thoughts of sweating away under the sun will become a distant memory. For now the crispness is refreshing and giving some beautiful sunsets. I had some relaxing time after work before the weekend and wandered up the little hill by my apartment to catch the views.


This weekend took me to Ulsan, just over an hour away, for a team tournament, the slightly higher level that I play in Korea. Our frisbee was pretty good at times, with some nice movement. Unfortunately for me I hit the ground in an awkward way in the semi final and despite really trying to hope it was just a bruise and that I could play on I had to sit out the rest of the tournament. The team went on to win it, which was great to watch, but being a sideline supporter when you want to be out there playing is really difficult for me. I certainly didn’t feel like I’d been part of winning the tournament.

I went to the hospital yesterday after the throbbing pain from my leg wasn’t receding and found, semi-luckily, I’d only strained my muscle. I’d been worried that maybe I’d torn something which would have put me out for months, but a strain should recover in a few weeks.

Thankfully, I’ve not had a lot of experience with the Korean medical system, but using it yesterday was incredible. I left my apartment and wandered towards where I know a few hospitals are. I saw one with the word ‘Orthopedics’ on it so walked into reception and tried to tell them I’d injured my leg and was this the right place. The receptionist took my ID card and within 5 minutes I was sat with the doctor then immediately taken for multiple X-rays before the doc had a look at them and sent me up to the physiotherapy ward. I had an ice spray hooked up to my leg and then this robotic suction machine attached to massage the muscles. I was back out within 45 minutes and couldn’t believe how much easier walking was afterwards. All of this for the princely sum of £7.35.


Getting injured just as the season is coming into its peak has left me feeling a bit down and when I suddenly can’t run or ride after work I have all this free time that I’m not used to. We’ve got 6 games this weekend that I’ll have to miss, but I’m hoping that I can recover within 2 weeks for when the next games are. Finals of the league are in just 3 weeks and ideally I want to be in my best shape for that, but for now it’s just ice packs and gentle moving.