As you can see from the picture above the Busan Fireworks festival was suitably spectacular. An hour’s worth of explosions created by three teams from different countries set to their own music. The hour absolutely flew by, we’d been sat there for what felt like 10 minutes when the final finale that created a webbed maze structure of light in the sky went off and the crowds started to stir as if they’d been clock watching a bit more than us.

We made a full weekend of the festival, I met Vic and Shannon in Busan and we got a front row spot settled on the beach with all our mats before going to get some lunch. Just an hour later, the row of mats along the front was a good 50 down, yet the beach itself still wasn’t that busy. We spent the day playing cards, listening to music, snacking and wining as the beach slowly filled up. It was dark before we realised it when Hodel arrived after working a Saturday school and found us in our premium space.

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Being there on the front meant we didn’t feel the effects of the insane crowds that were evident behind us. In front of us we just had a stretch of sand and then the water that would soon be mirroring the show above us. Fireworks started going off in the run up to the main show and when it all got going to was easily the best fireworks I’ve ever seen, and it would take a lot to top it. To put it into comparison, the Busan festival makes the London New Year’s fireworks look like your local village show.

Sunday morning and we were treated to summer not quite wanting to let go of us. Vic and I headed out to Igidae Coastal park for a couple of hours wandering along the cliffs with views looking back over the city behind us. Vic got pretty excited at the first sign saying there were fossilised dinosaur footprints halfway through the walk; although this was dissipated when we reached them and found the next sign said the holes just resembled dinosaur footprints. Oh Korea.

We rounded out the weekend with a flower themed rooftop wine bar overlooking the beach and bridge. The perfect end to a perfect weekend trip.

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