Last week was a pretty hectic one. I slowly started to get back into exercise, had a birthday drinks evening and tried to take some time to just appreciate the colour changing around Daegu. The autumn colours and sunsets at the moment are beautiful and it’s nice to get out and enjoy it before it becomes all brown and freezing.

My weekend was very on the go, with nearly as many hours spent sitting on public transport as actually doing things. I was West of Daegu to Pohang for a birthday before all the way up North to play a bit of frisbee then back down to Pohang again for frisbee training. All in all about 12 hours of sitting on busses, trains, taxis; meaning that I got lots of comments at work on Monday about how tired I looked. Korean co-teachers never hold back on the compliments. All the travel time did let me finish and start a book as well as play some card games – good preparation for post Korea travels!

The journeying wasn’t too bad and so worth it. I’m a bit out of game-time practice having sat out a few weeks, so it was great to get back on the fields and we played some pretty nice stuff. The night out was good fun and despite getting in at around 5am after taking over the ‘dj booth’ and having a private party as they were closing the bar, I felt not too bad at practice the next day. Movies, enchiladas and pizza in bed later that afternoon though was very much appreciated.

This week is a bit of drag at work. It’s my final week of doing speaking tests and I’m feeling the monotony of them starting to drain me, it will have been a full month of prepping/testing students by the time the week is up. First grade students are also starting to lose their sweetness and become more like grumpy teenagers. I think the fact that I’ve avoided teaching second grade students my entire in Korea has been a blessing. A common Korean teachers’ joke to end for you:

Why doesn’t the North invade us?

Second grade boys students.