It’s December, the Christmas lights are up, the frost has arrived, and so the frisbee jerseys come off for a winter hibernation. The final tournaments have been played and for a lot of us they were the final tournaments before an exodus of people from Daegu in the New Year.

For anyone coming to Korea, athletic or not, frisbee is a community you want to be a part of. It takes over your life, but you want it to take over your life, why wouldn’t you want to fill all your free time with fun, friends and laughter? With some healthy competition thrown in if that’s your desire. Not that it needs to be. I, inevitably,  end up devoting myself to every competition, training session, extra throwing practice that I can, in a desire to be at my best, but I know friends that take it much more casually and love it.

All the hard work paid off this season, with both my ROK-U team and Club team winning their respective championships/tournaments. The ROK-U final was the tensest one that I’ve been in with it coming down to one final point at the end of a long day of playing to see who would take the tiger trophy. For those of you with far too much time on your hands, you can watch a video replay of the game here.

Our Boom! club team, which is overflowing with talent, really clicked in our final tournament. Having had to sit out the final of our last tournament it was great to be feeling in shape for this one, and despite a few dodgy throws and a couple times where my defense could have been tighter, I put in a pretty solid performance to help the team to a win.

And so with that, it is farewell from me to Korean frisbee tournaments. Three championship tigers, three club tournaments, plus 2 pick-up tournament victories, it’s been a great couple of years. It may be quite a while until I play again, let alone have such solid teams, with travelling throwing my life back up into the air next year; but I can’t wait to find more leagues and team-mates in the future.

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