We had ‘first snow’ in Daegu last week. Only a few flakes fell on my walk into work with nothing settling, but we don’t get much snow here, so it was exciting. Nothing like the pictures of what the UK is having, how I’d love my school to shut on a Monday for a snow day. We just get minus eight temperatures, but without the white stuff. I’ll be fixing that next weekend with a Christmas ski trip!

I’ve been keeping active despite the cold weather. Finally managed to get out with the Daegu run club now that frisbee season is over for a fun 20k around and up and nearby mountain. Then the following week got destroyed on a 40km mountain bike trip with Will and his biking buddies whilst running off just tequila fumes. I managed to perk up following the ride with a few gins for his annual Christmas party, which was a ton of fun.

A couple of weeks prior I was down in Busan getting some dumb medical paperwork sorted, but it did give me an excuse to see Hodel and go for a mini hike and eat delicious food at my favourite cafe in Gwangalli – Table 49. Our hike was pretty much the last day where just thermals and a top was okay and we found a route up the hill that overlooks the ocean, before a more sketchy (exciting) route down through the trees and then under a quick fence that had been put up for some reason..

I have finally made the trip to E-World! Which is Daegu’s amusement park in Duryu park. Karen took me with discounted weeknight tickets and we zoomed through all the rides multiple times, as there was zero queues. It’s a pretty tame theme park, but still fun and had a big spinny thing that had you upside down 50m above the city seeing all the lights in reverse. The scariest part was the haunted house, mainly due to this small Korean child who had been let loose inside as his mum waited outside and was wandering around. A small human coming at you arms outstretched in weird lighting with lots of bangs and smoke going off is very freaky.

I’ve been having many ‘Sunday Fundays’ with Victoria, lots of fun activities that don’t require using lots of energy and involve plenty of eating and drinking! We’ve checked out the Christmas lights downtown and around my area, watched winter movies like the Orient Express, been to mini temples and chilled in a board game cafe that has super cute cats.

My apartment is now feeling all festive. I have my christmas lights up around my bed, Christmas cards up across my wall and even a paper wreath on the door. It’s the perfect setting for countless Netflix series! Just finished watching Godless, which was great, and now halfway through The Sinner, which is also great. Been burning through books on my kindle also as I don’t really teach anymore. I’ve just started Ready Player One, after finishing a slight kiddy Christmas novel, and loving the story and writing so far.

Hope everyone enjoys their Christmases and time off from work. Here we only get one extra day off, but the long weekend will still be great, and as I said, my time ‘in work’ is now basically comprised of reading. Merry Christmas!