We’ve travelled far since I last got the chance to post anything. I’m writing on my phone on a short flight down to Bangkok where we’re traveling straight onwards to Hua Hin for a mini break at a 5 star resort for my birthday at a huge discount thanks to Vic’s awesome sister.

Since I last wrote we’ve crossed into Cambodia, playing frisbee, hiking in national parks and chilling on islands. Taken trains up to Chiang Mai where we cooked some delicious Thai food then went out to Pai where we were exploring on a motorbike and staying in the Jungalow.

Vic and I went to catch up with various friends from Korea before meeting up again Luang Prabang that we’ve just departed from.

Blogging from my phone just isn’t a lot of fun, my lack of tablet has hindered me greatly. I’ve had an idea for a new way to update the blog, so stay tuned for that. This is just a short post to say that we’re doing great and still having an awesome time!